Thank you for your support, sales are closed!

We've raised enough money for all the major replacements, and I'm on my way to the left coast to work on my bike! Thank you so much for helping Serenity continue to travel, please enjoy the cards/art. As always, check 250 Superhero for updates, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! (Dec. 10, 2016)

Serenity, my Vespa 250 and stalwart travel companion, needs your help! In her 60k miles of adventure through North America, she's racked up quite a backlog of worn out parts. I'd like to raise some money to replace them (and perhaps some gear) this winter!

She doesn't look too bad for 60k...just don't look too close at that panel. Or sit on her too hard.

I've designed a few scootery postcards for the holiday season. Please consider buying a batch, for your friends and loved ones, or just for yourself. For those with a bit more to give and who would like something more customized, I'm officially open for 5x7 watercolor commissions (see below for details). I've also re-opened my website store if you'd like some of my older work. If everything goes according to plan, all items will be mailed out by Dec 10. Shipping is included for all items on this page.

Why Dec 10? Because it's just in time for the holidays...and for me to go to San Francisco, where Serenity is currently stored. With your help, my next posts will be about the repair process, and how great she rides with her new clutch, suspension, and all the other no-longer quibbling broken bits! Hey, maybe I can even replace this 5 year old helmet...

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive, which fills me with warm fuzzies — thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me this far. Repairing Serenity would help me continue epic travels in 2017, which in turn means continuing to tell stories and create content for 250 Superhero... and maybe one day make a book of my own.

On to the shopping!


Greetings from everyone's favorite Austro-Bavarian anti-Santa, Krampus! Of course, he could keep an LD running. Gloss postcard with blank back. Please choose from options below.

Bring Them Inside

Bring Them Inside
"If you're cold, they're cold. Bring them inside." Just kidding, scooters don't feel cold, but they do look good in hats. Satin matte postcard with blank back. Please choose from options below.

Wonder What That Is

Mysterious Package
I bet it's a fridge. Could be anything though. Satin matte postcard with blank back. Please choose from options below.

Mix it up

Mix It Up
Can't decide? Grab a mix pack of all three designs! Please choose from options below.

Paint that painting

Custom 5x7 Watercolor Painting?! ($100 USD)
Sorry, I'm booked up for paintings right now!
Woa, we're serious here. I'll mail you an original watercolor painting on 100% cotton acid-free paper, created with my very own wind-chilled fingers (heated gloves don't work well for this application). Perhaps an animal of your choice, riding a scooter of your choice? Just a suggestion, it's up to you! If you order one of these, be sure to email me directly in addition to completing the order. You could start by sending reference! These take a bit longer so I can only do a limited number. Also, please specify whether you need delivery by Christmas.


Don't feel like cards or art, but still want to keep Serenity going? You can always simply donate (thank youuu)!

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