New Travel Blog: 250cc Superhero

250cc Superhero

A few people have already heard the news, so let’s make it official. I’ve started a new blog called 250cc Superhero (a spin on 50cc Superhero), journaling my summer travel plans: I’m taking my scooter across country!

What does this mean for Well, the store will be on hiatus starting April 21, when stock goes is in storage. Aside from that, there are actually a few new illustrations in the works that will be updated before embarking on my very long scoot. I’ll still be in touch via email and social media, but for daily updates please visit 250cc Superhero. Yes, I said daily. I’m quite ambitiously aiming to make a drawing for every day I’m on the road.

This should be exciting in many ways! Lots more information on the blog so I hope you check it out, and enjoy my ramblings and wanderings.

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More 50cc Comics

50cc Superhero comics

Happy new year! Oh wait, it’s March already. It’s been busy around here, with work on a yet-to-be-unveiled new picture book and other highly sensitive plans (hee hee)! I’m back from Hong Kong, but I’ve somehow neglected to update the website with the new comics at 50cc Superhero. In case you haven’t caught up, you can read about my bikes, oysters, and a little overview I did for 2013, among other things.

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Books Updated: GP #6 and Mousemobile


A little behind schedule (as ever), but the Books page has been updated to include the latest two books I’ve worked on: Mousemobile, and Going, Going, Dragon!

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On Sale: Original Artwork!

GP pages 2

Do you have a favorite page from the Guinea PIg series?  Or maybe a favorite illustration from Mousenet, or the sequel that just came out last month, Mousemobile?  Just in time for the holiday season, I’m offering original artwork from both series for sale!

GP pages 1

You can own original artwork from your favorite books!

Guinea PIg pages are 9×12 inches, black and white (brush-pen and Micron, mostly) on bleedproof paper, and you can even see some spots I touched up with white-out.  If you’re interested in a page (or more, if you like!), just email me ( with the book number and page number, and I’ll provide you with details, a photo of the actual page (sometimes it varies from the final version that appears in print), and pricing.  Generally, pages from the Guinea PIg series will range between $40-$100.

Mousemobile illos

Mousenet and Mousemobile illustrations look like ink washes in the books, but they were actually created in full color!  Illustrations from these books vary greatly in size, but they’re all watercolor paintings on Bristol.  Again, if you’re interested in an illustration, email me ( with the book and page number, and I’ll provide you with size, details, a photo of the illustration, and pricing.  The price range for the Mousenet and Mousemobile illustrations range between $60-$180, but because the paintings vary so much… asking about a specific illustration would be best.

Mousenet illos

Payments are handled through Paypal, which accepts credit cards if you don’t have an account.  All originals are shipped flat, between card, and in a plastic sleeve.  I’m happy to discuss different pricing and insurance options for shipping artwork.

All sales before Dec 15 can be shipped in time for Christmas.  The sale is ongoing, but after Dec 19 I’ll be out of town and packages cannot be mailed until Feb 8, 2014 (until further notice).  I’ll be happy to find homes for illustrations in between then, but please be prepared to wait a little!

It never hurts to just email me even after these dates, if you’re interested in taking home original artwork from any of these books.  Hope to hear from you!

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DC Scooter Trip, April 12-19, 2012

DC Scooter Trip

I finally gathered some drawings from my first long scooter trip over a year and a half ago, and made an effort to write it into something cohesive!  Check it out on Tumblr.

It was surprisingly hard to write about my experience — mostly to gauge what might be both interesting and relevant enough to be included, and that I was willing to share, and without being overly texty.  In the end though, not going to complain if you just want to look at the pictures.

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